Modern Wood Shelving

To create the illusion of floating glass shelves, Douglas used walnut and tempered glass. He came up with an intricate puzzle of panels, grooves, rabbeting, and a subtle incorporation of silicone to fit everything together into a surprisingly sturdy, intriguing, and elegant modern wall display for a hand-blown art glass collection.

Douglas created the built-in bookcases, mantle, and fireplace in this classic den from painted solid beech. Fluted columns on the bookshelf and custom profile moulding for the mantle, along with hand-created decorative details, gave Douglas a chance to show off his intricate and advanced woodworking skills. Inspired by Victorian aesthetics, this luxurious custom millwork evokes old-world craftsmanship and elegance.

Wood Finish Den
Contemporary Cabinetry

The millwork and cabinetry for this clean, modern, bespoke home office was created by Douglas in grain-matched white oak with quartz countertops. For the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, the sheets are all sequence-matched, and the desk is connected to the cabinetry. Finished with clear acrylic.

A contemporary home office features desks, bookshelf, file storage, drawers, and cabinetry. Ornate contemporary drawer pulls of brushed nickel offset the painted beech. Douglas created this beautiful, functional, organized small-space solution, providing two people their own separate workspace.

Contemporary Home Office
Contemporary Home Office Space
Wood finishing with hidden door

Can you find the hidden door? Douglas created a pass-through in what appears to be a solid wall. There is also an integrated television and fireplace, and the rest of the room is lined in walnut bookshelves. The precise adherence to a 2mm gap is what Douglas demands for every millwork and cabinetry job, and this precision is also reflected in the sequence-matched sheets.

A marmoleum floor in this midcentury furniture collector’s home inspired Douglas to create this funky, fir, built-in storage piece that features “checkerboard” contrasting doors. 

Funky built-in storage