Custom Kitchen Woodwork

A majestic center island forms the foundation of this magnificent custom kitchen, and it was Douglas that created the handsomely paneled furniture base. The bespoke cabinetry features crystal hardware, glass shelving, and lighting from within and below.

Design credited to D.H. Moore Architect

Wood Kitchen Finishing
Modern Wood Kitchen

Douglas created all of the bespoke cabinetry in this clean, modern kitchen. Dark stained white oak provides a warm element, set off by a long expanse of natural stone countertop. Integrated appliances create a sleek and harmonious contemporary look. A panel above the custom-built fireplace mantel slides behind the brick to reveal a television.

This circular home required Douglas to create custom-built cabinetry that follows along the same radius as the exterior curved wall of the house. The serpentine cabinetry features a concave-curved counter, and the kitchen island’s countertop reflects the same curve in the convex.

Design credited to D’Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism

Ultra-modern Luxury Kitchen
Country Kitchen
Country Kitchen Cabinetry

This country kitchen required Douglas to create a custom island and cabinetry carefully calibrated to work around the existing windows. Glass doors with glass gables on the side provide an airy effect in this classic traditional kitchen. Brass bin-pull hardware and antique furniture accents recreate a bygone era with the benefits of modern functionality.

The cabinetry for this traditional, Arts and Crafts-inspired kitchen was created by Douglas from stained and lacquered fir, featuring leaded glass cabinet doors. Much precision was required in order to carefully marry the woodworking with the existing windows. On the opposite side of the kitchen, there is a long, painted pantry, with a library ladder that rolls across— all custom built by Douglas.

Kitchen Cabintry
Modern Wood Kitchen

A contemporary, modern kitchen is a symphony of woodworking, with stained and natural white oak cabinetry and a garry oak island countertop. The other countertops are quartz. Long, bar-shape pulls and touch-latch doors create clean, horizontal lines in over 50 linear feet of custom cabinets. The custom ceiling light fixtures were created by Douglas as well.

This custom kitchen is an homage to midcentury modern with its striped, grain-matched custom cabinetry created by Douglas in quarter-sawn sapele wood. The curved banquette and round table were also custom-made. The authentic retro feel of this kitchen is offset by modern conveniences like touch-latch drawers and routed finger grooves for opening the upper cabinets. There’s also a handy pull-out pantry drawer on either end, and an integrated fridge.

Midcentury Modern Kitchen
Custom Wood Kitchen Finishing

The cantilevered countertop Douglas engineered for the center island of this clean, modern kitchen is 12 feet long with a “floating” end of six feet. To make sure the massive, 3” thick fir slab was stable, Douglas came up with a way to bolt it with steel to the floor joists. All cabinetry and even the suspended light fixture is all custom made by Douglas.